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Someone Else's Déjà Vu

by Son Ambulance

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After more than three years since their last release, Son Ambulance emerges from hibernation deep in a realm of exotic 60's and 70's LPs for their third full-length, Someone Else's Déjá Vu, a bold leap back into the music world and the band's most challenging work yet. Primarily a Joseph Knapp solo effort, collaborating closely with former/current member Jeffrey Koster, Someone Else's Déjá Vu marks a departure from 2005's Key, offers a sharper glimpse into Knapp's distinct song-writing abilities, and reflects a depth of complexity and dream logic made perfect for a sublime musical experience capable of engaging many new listeners of any age.

Collectively, the songs form a cohesive palette of subtle pop psychedelia encompassing myriad musical genres. "A Girl from New York City" starts off the album a bustling, fast-paced samba with serene, melodic vocals à la Marcos Valle and tumbles into a street carnival of whistle and voice cuica leads. "Legend of Lizeth" slides right into another world, equal parts Pink Floyd and Tommy James with a five-part a-cappella break. Elsewhere on Someone Else's Déjá Vu, tracks make use of rich analog synths, double bass, saxophone and vibraphone, played by various Omaha musicians including members of Tilly and the Wall, and The Faint.


released July 8, 2008

2008 Saddle Creek

Recorded by AJ Mogis at ARC Studios in December 2007
Mastered by Doug Van Sloun at Focus Mastering in January 2008
Produced by Joseph Knapp, Jeffrey Koster, and AJ Mogis
Mixed by AJ Mogis at ARC Studios
Album design by Son Ambulance
Collage and drawings by Teal Gardner, paintings by Lonnie Methe
Layout by Zack Nipper

Thank you AJ, Tilly and the Wall, Neal Knapp, our parents and all who contributed to this production.



all rights reserved


Son Ambulance Omaha, Nebraska

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Track Name: A Girl In New York City
There’s a torn newspaper floating in the morning traffic
It could be The Boston Globe or The Evening Post
As the latest candidate celebrity push and shove
to climb on top
Emily here’s your stop

Lately I’ve been patiently awaiting your arrival at the station
longing for the thrills that only you could bring
In the invisible crowd you could dream out loud
and no one would give a care you’re leaving them out
So eager to prove my every doubt

Gone gone gone you can do what you really feel and forget
anything about me uh huh
Bom bom bom here we go driving singing in my car
this long-distance harmony

I took to an abstractionary look at the sky
I declared a holiday on any day of July
but every day is Strangers’ Day in New York City you say
in Emily’s mirror smile

needle in the haystack that you always seemed to find
you could spin your little yarn you could thread it through my eye
you could puncture the ellipse of a midnight star painted blue
with its lens on you, and Emily you’d see through

na na na everybody adding to the hate collection
thanks for your contribution
bom bom bom better get set for the next commercial boom
who’s buying you

At the top of the world you can dance all day
and your heart goes bom bom bom bomba dum bum
When your ashes are blown from the fire pit
and your heart says bom bom bom bom bom

She’s out dancing with Marisa
in the street wearing your old shirt
Shoo-doo-shomp-ing down the sidewalk
Stick-em-up at a margarista
as a cover to the mix tape
your girlfriend dubbed onto both sides
She’s a bold inventors heart
my favorite dot on the map
she could shake a can of spray paint to the One Note Samba
at the bus stop in the toupee is the singing girl
Track Name: Legend Of Lizeth
We met in some enchanted forest
We met far beyond the city walls
We waited for the bells to call Lizeth
And there’s a song that makes you weep as it plays on the stereo
And lately it’s all I’m singing as I run to catch your hand

and it feels so nice with a girl that’s kind
and it feels so nice love her all the time
and it feels so nice with a girl that’s kind
and it feels so nice...

You could join her in the morning
Have breakfast in the garden
you can run through yellow fields of grass
To hear the evening bells resound listen
To hear the evening bells resound I really love her

I tried to bring her into my world
showed her my guitar and I gave her some cloves
I shaved her legs, took her out to a show
but that’s just a story from long long ago

High on a cloud when your hand clasps mine
Girl your sweet smile heals my heart
Would you please to help me skip along the cobblestone
On the path to Gaberon where elks and fairies raised her

Spin around and see her laughing
let the echoes fill your pagan mind
As she waves to you in passing
you can hear the midtown dragon sigh Lizeth

floating over Minstrel Town
I think I know her
riding shining unicorns
I really see her
secret creatures strange and pure
lay beside her
magic flutes and harpsichords
in her hair
Track Name: Quand Tu Marches Seul
When I think of you
I think good old times
green and gold times
Times too lovely

When I’m down and blue
I just pick up the phone
I know your love’s with me
when I walk alone

When you walk alone
it’s a long road
a winding boulevard
to heal a broken heart
When you walk alone

The fragrance fresh-cut lawn
chlorinated swimming pool
Together we jump
With next to nothing on
We jump the swaying fence
As lightning takes the stage
It takes with it our clothes
and this is what we make

A dream to drift along
A tempest passing through
These resilient trees
Older than me or you
When I dream of love

When you think of me
it’s a bold lie
You always walked the line
A tightrope I could shake
and when you walk alone
I always follow suit
Vanish into a crowd
It’s fun to follow you
When you walk alone...
Track Name: Wild Roses
It’s so easy to break a heart when you are bold
Then you find out it’s something that you can’t own
It’s easy to want love it’s easy to fall
Through a bed of wild roses when she comes to call

you could ask her to dance
stay up all night drinking beer
I can’t believe I stopped lovin’ you
we were young it was really true
I can’t have you back but it’s not too late for you to love her

oh oh oh oh love her

You’re crazy for love so why not take a chance
You’ll end up all alone in the suburbs of France
Never got married never had kids
There’s no one to take care of you
Be so worn out from worried love
you’re afraid to get the rug taken out from under you

oh oh oh oh love her
(you’re so worn out) love her
just love her

She’s a friend that you could turn to
Tables of love could turn on you
baby if you don’t know what you should do
just love her
Track Name: Horizons
There’s a hand in my pocket searching for change
There’s a man in the mirror; his hair is turning gray
His first-class crash in through the air caused him despair
and I lost my copy of Vanity Fair

Now that you’ve come this far
can you accept who you are

With eyes staring wide open an African child
taught me not to blink and I couldn’t smile
so I spoke to the silence drawn with a rope frayed with laughter
from a well of clear water the remnants of hope echoed after

now the hating's been done
and you have no qualms with anyone

My friend you don’t have to wait much longer to be free again darling
I was hoping I would find you I wanted to see you today okay
we’ll get together some day
I can’t wait to see you some day in the rain darling
we’ll get together some sweet day
they say love ain’t free but I say (let us be elephants let us be elephants)
I was hoping I would find you I wanted to see you today baby I can’t wait
Track Name: Yesterday Morning
Did you get the pictures I left in your mailbox yesterday 
I really wish I’d sent them much earlier when you weren’t so far away
I spoke to my advisors but i can’t decide which class to take
and since you left for college what can I teach you now
what can they teach us babe

When you were young I saw you frolicking about the public square
blowing kisses to the children like some wandering saint
or a clown you have found today
and when I find the chance to tell you with my strength I wish you well
with a voice so filled with longing for a purpose or a home
I’d say this is every letter I never wrote
every dream I never told every selfish aspiration

yesterday morning after all is said and done
I give the world to you to see you through

A heavy cardboard storage box was thrown
in your back seat you were driving
For several years of notebook lines must’ve slipped
off the corner of the bed where we slept
They burst over the landscape like feathers from cage
is this the heart i’ve grown to love or just a crinkled page
at such a fleeting age

there I found the confidence and gall it takes to chase our broken plans
to claim a stolen seashore will i drift inside a bottle until it lands
I have nothing to give you so I’m borrowing your coat
this is every letter I never wrote
every tear I meant to cry
every long slow goodbye

yesterday morning after all is said and done
I give my love to you
to see you another time
‘cause now you’re back on track tomorrow’s facing you
what can I do
Track Name: Constellations
Constellations take on meaning
Dim light of the suns
Staring back from the dusty black they know
where I’m coming from
Seeds of unforgiveness as twisted trees return
tops of buildings the school steps city shapes unlearn
It’s highway robbery on your technology where the road has been misled 
You know when Edison’s invention just won’t light up in my head
We grasp the saps of forest thoughts cementing with our hands
we try to give the ground some floor the sky some place to land 
We stole the dark of the ocean and we named it night 
put a switch up to the wall we cut holes in the doors
Left the future unlocked for you

Washed and dried and hung up all your clothes 
in one sleeve there was a letter enclosed 
said i had formed attachments to these rags 
the way they draped your form so fluidly covered all my plans 
but since you spilled the grape store vines and jilted lives of your
finest things and wedding rings were swept out on the porch
You won’t be playing dress up in my illusions anymore the one I adore
counting hairs on a head is wearing quite thin
It’s a lousy game I know that I can’t lose my shadow
Track Name: Juliet's Son
yeah roll the top down
kick it back 60 degrees
if you let you feel it you feel it
don’t keep worryin’ ‘bout
the pop charts baby
climate if you wish
slide up next with James Dean
or just step back and tap your feet

clipped out your magazine
the picture of a beauty queen
don’t pull the trigger like Claudine
you know love can hide a scandalous scene
and now its tuggin at your strings
makin you sing but can’t get you through the booth
into the sleeves singin’

me and Juliet’s Son
happy dagger through the lung
but maybe you’re not that
Maybe you’re not that dumb

playin house
now you’re fallin off the couch
this machine gonna turn us into somethin’ fed up
and it keeps comin back
all the regrets don’t call ‘em back

me and Juliet’s Son
the girls are dressing you
in a new-bought vintage suit
but they can’t reach you
when your 5’ 2” swimmin

me and Juliet’s Son
in 2051 you still be playin them drums
climbing up the rungs
for your million dollar song
if only she stood well hung
cause maybe you won’t die
maybe you won’t die young
Track Name: The Renegade
Stayed dead-still a long while
I hardly bat an eye 
Like you traveled to a deserted town
as a guest you came a-wandering by
Like a trash mop clawing the floor
or does the chain and ball suit you more
Baby don’t set your mind to be a trap door
no more

You can tango with the neighborhood boys
they won’t step on your feet
and you can put the red light on 
you can put it all the way on for me
and the kids wearing their daddy’s clothes
moving trucks over the ballroom so slowly 
They took you for a madman before 
They could never dream of half what you conceive
is that really what you need
baby don’t look away no more
baby don’t listen to what you say no more
baby don’t make your heart a jail no more

Desert leaves turn green go play
splash in rivers dance in rain
your love will lay you in her flat deer bed
lay in wait for the season to pass
You got slapped with heavy law
She ain’t keen on takin’ calls
she ain’t fit to love a fall this wrong
ooh renegade

Stayed there still a long while hon
I never bat an eye
There’s a dance hall in this dust bowl town
I guess you were water in my eye
You can put your blue dress on
let the moonlight twirl you around and around 
as the crew-cuts play an average sound 
like a slow song calling you back to see your girl 
when you’re home sick home when you’re severely playing hide-and-sulk 
She’ll take you for your sweet time Joe 
spend your lifetime tryin’ to change how you perceive
is it really what you believe
baby don’t look away and I won’t look away 
baby don’t listen to what you say no more
baby don’t make your heart a jail
no more
Track Name: Awakening
Woke up in an old canyon
I remember like this
Hung my neck in the shower
and the sun painted a face on the wall
The melodies came back to me
Didn’t sound just like that
The smoke from my mouth went beautiful
like medicine spinning on the table

Piles of papers move themselves
miles around my room
like a tiny speck of dust
my breath could stick to a needle
or some constellation in the sky
There’s toothpaste in the mirror
Didn’t think it was like me
to stand still for so long
Couldn’t stand another spring day
Watching clouds fill black and bridges collapse
I got your back cat stay stray
working 20 hour days for the Red Cross

These hours only have time for you
When beauty hides
and eyelids veil
and you’re too tired to remove it

Let all your weight fall
whoever you are
there’s no shame in crying
Shrink down to a single point
don’t you wish you were growing up
but you can’t turn back
since you changed your mind
no it did just change
there was no point trying
to keep it under control

These hours only have time for you
when you’re safe within these canyon walls
you’re hanging around to forget it all
that you call it home
it makes you proud
So you laugh out loud
with the shameless crowd
It’s a zoo downtown
Track Name: Someone Else's Déjà Vu
With every passible fate
i’m tearing pages out my tome
now with its covers blown open
so let me lay here awhile
beneath a canopy of woods
to watch an air balloon parade
Till daylight’s vanished into the ashes
of yesteryear’s pyre

It’s so wonderfully sour
in the first morning hour
Peggy, I’m sleeping strange
the bed’s unmade
I’m falling into space

weeping lamp lines’ blurry arms
that could reach my bleary eyes
on a bus ride from LA
in the dead of night
on my death bed
I awaken trembling bad
what a dreadful dream to see
what a sick nightmare to have
with a murderer staring back
from my looking glass

feels so right to hold you
through the weekend hanging over
Peggy, the plans have changed
a new year waves hello
and with such a pretty face

every day I go to school
every day I follow the ruse
if I don’t know why I keep dying
to cherish the life, the game so many lose
you are born you grow old it’s nothing new
let me look at you
you’ve gotten so tall
every day yeah yeah

Save your goodbye for Stalingrad
Track Name: Requiem For A Planet
Goodbye honeybee
Goodbye harmony
The road I have taken down on love I have fallen from

Open all your silver blooms
Cinquefoils in ivory tombs
Close your eyes and pretty soon it’s all a blur
I can’t see you at all

So long waterfall
Goodbye crystal ball
I will see you [at the break of dawn]

Turning system nebulae
like tines of music cylinders
The vehicle displaced from where
we take the joy as we escape
to reach a void floating alone

Goodbye womb I was sleeping in
Farewell pulse I was drowning out
the calm ringing in my ears
I’m so numb I can’t hear you at all